Burn After Reading!

This is my first post here on WordPress and I am looking forward to talking about movies and sports with all you great people.

The last movie I saw was Burn After Reading a Coen brothers film. The Coen brothers as most of you movie fanatics would know are incredible at what they do, and are very constant with movies. They have created cult classics like The Big Lebowski and Raising Arizona which are always funny no matter how many times you watch them. Every time the Coens release something it excites me because I know it will be different from the rest

The star studded cast includes:

George Clooney

Frances McDormand

Brad Pitt

John Malkovich

Tilda Swinton

Richard Jenkins

Each character has its “15 minutes of fame” in this movie and every single character is quirky. The film does a great job of taking you into the world of these characters while at the same time creates an emotional attachment to them.

Brad Pitt was my favorite in this movie, he is absolutely hilarious and quickly becomes the lovable character of the film. Brad plays Chad Feldheimer a goofy trainer who loves listening to music with his iPod headphones. Yes you even see Brad bust out his patented dance moves.

Frances McDormand once again is fantastic, one of the best director/actress duos in the industry is Frances and the Coen brothers. My all time favorite Frances role is Fargo, but she does another wonderful job in this one.Frances plays Linda Litzke a character who is not satisfied with her appearance and needs money for elective surgery, which really is the kicker for the whole plot

John Malkovich the grumpy yet logical character out of the bunch sells his role to perfection. John plays “Osborne Cox” a man who has just been fired and is trying to figure out what’s next in life…. this man uses the “F” word as if it’s built into his DNA, the end result makes for some of the best scenes in the movie.

Finally George Clooney who plays Harry Pfarrer is a man who loves his women! I think that’s really all I need to say here, you can fill in the gaps when you watch the movie.

The plot is rather simple but the characters are what make this plot so unique. A disk is found at a local gym containing what is thought to be “sensitive” material then falls in the hands of two gym employees who then try to sell the disk for money. Sounds simple right?

I like to rate my movies on a 1-10 scale, for Burn After Reading I give it a solid 8.5

This is not the best Coen brothers film, but when you have complied the list of movies the Coens have made this falls in a pretty respectable spot.

Give it a shot movie lovers, it’s an enjoyable cast and a goofy story that only the Coens can deliver.

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