The King’s Speech

So I finally got around to watching The King’s Speech, and I don’t know why it took me so long. Actually yes I do I think I judged this movie “by its cover” as they say and that was a big mistake. I assumed The King’s Speech would be a boring historical period film that wouldn’t interest me, man was I wrong!

The cast includes:

Colin Firth

Geoffrey Rush

Helena Bonham Carter

Guy Pearce

Jenifer Ehle

I have to admit while I was watching the Oscars I was rooting for True Grit or The Social Network, but if I had seen this movie prior to the Oscars I would have no doubt in my mind assumed that this would win best picture as it did.

The King’s Speech is a fantastic story about King George VI of Britain. His path towards the throne and how his stammer caused a unique problem for any King that had held the throne prior.

Giving a speech is not easy, it’s widely known one of the biggest fears in the world is Public Speaking, and for this King just delivering the words was an obstacle.

Colin Firth who nabbed the Oscar for best actor as King George VI was incredible. Colin is a regal actor who has performed great roles in the past but he really outdoes himself in this one. What Colin does well is convince the viewer that he’s capable of being a brilliant King, but does not have the confidence in himself to do the job. His stammering is the biggest obstacle he faces, and willingly shows his frustration throughout the performance, the conclusion is rather triumphant and that’s all I will say about that :-).

As much credit that I give to Colin Firth for his brilliant role I equally give back to Geoffrey Rush who plays the quirky yet effective speech therapist Mr. Lionel Logue. Lionel is literally King George’s right hand man throughout the movie. The relationship is bumpy, but the King quickly learns the importance of trust and friendship which as I said earlier makes for one of the most eloquent final scenes I have ever seen in a motion picture. Geoffrey Rush did not win the Oscar for best supporting actor but he was a deserving one for sure. His methods are strange but his results become historical. It’s also important to note the differences in social class the film shows between King George VI of royalty and Mr. Lionel Logue of lets just say “normal” class.

Helena Bonham Carter who plays Queen Elizabeth is also fantastic in the movie. A very supportive wife who has nothing but motivation for her husband. Helena finds Lionel Logue who turns out to be the greatest asset to the King’s family. Helena also adds some enjoyable sarcastic humor throughout the film, and rounds out this cast nicely.

My 1-10 scale = 9

The King’s Speech deserved the best picture win at the Oscars and overall the story and style may surprise you. Director Tom Hooper hits a home-run in this with the story and the cast.

Don’t miss out on this gem my movie friends.

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