Outsourced Canceled :-(

NBC today decided to cancel the Indian inspired comedy Outsourced.

Now I would be lying if I said Outsourced was ground breaking stuff because it’s not, but it was a enjoyable show that had the unique quality of introducing the Indian culture through the eyes of an American whose company had been outsourced.

The show ran for 22 episodes and had a nice run for the short amount of time it received.

I think the main reason I am dissapointed is because I felt like over a span of time these characters became part of my Thursday night lineup. Each character starts to grow on you as a viewer and you could see how comfortable the cast was becoming on screen.

Unfortunately ratings really slipped for Outsourced after the show was moved to its new LATE time-slot 10:30PM ET. Prior to that time the show was following The Office which created a nice carry over for Outsourced.Ratings were not the only problem Outsourced faced. Critics who opposed the show leaned heavily towards “racism” being an issue, and religious groups did find the show offensive when references were made to deities.

I can respect those views certainly, but when you are sitting down to watch a comedy like this I think stereotypical references should be expected and taken as nothing more than a joke.

The cast included:

Ben Rappaport who played Todd Dempsy the Outsourced manager who faced various situations you may expect for a foreigner living in India. I think if anyone made massive strides throughout the series it was him. A good manager who really developed a strong friendship with his Indian coworkers.

Anisha Nagarajan who played Madhuri the quiet yet witty girl. Anisha was easily one of my favorite actors on the show, she’s a scene stealer who spoke through the eyes!

Diedrich Bader who most of you may remember as  Lawrence from Office Space, played Charlie Davies the perverted manager who Todd befriends. Diedrich had some classic lines that I certainly won’t forget. He would get himself into all types of trouble, but became a true wing man to the Outsourced crew.

Parvesh Cheena who played Gupta the funniest and most likeable character on the show. Another scene stealer actor who I think made the audience laugh the most with his dialogue. Gupta played one of those “man this coworker is really annoying, but it just wouldn’t be the same without him” roles. All of you who work can relate to that I am sure.

Rizwan Manji who played Rajiv Gidwani the uptight manager who is doing everything in his power to impress his future wife Vimi (Noureen DeWulf) had some of the most intelligent lines on the show. A level headed guy who as we see in the season finale just wants to be the best husband he can be to the girl of his dreams.

I also have to give a shout out to Sacha Dhawan who played Manmeet or as Todd called him on the show MAN-MEAT. A very talented actor who quickly grew into a favorite of mine.

Other talented cast members include Rebecca Hazlewood, Pippa Black, Guru Singh, and Thushari Jayasekera.

The cast made the show for me and I will be sad to see them go. I hope all of them land new roles in movies and television, but as a group they were lots of fun to watch.

It was a nice run for Outsourced, and they closed it out with a bang.

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