“It Happens Only In India”

Hey readers,

I noticed I haven’t talked much about a wonderful radio program that I host every Sunday from 3:30-4:30PM called “It Happens Only In India” on AM1320 KXYZ. It’s no secret I love movies, and as of now the only movies I have reviewed are from the industry you all are familiar with, HOLLYWOOD!

Well for those that want to learn more about the equivalent of Hollywood in India just stick a B in front of the word and you’ve got yourself the wonderful world of BOLLYWOOD!

For those that aren’t familiar with Bollywood it’s one of the biggest film industries in the world based out of Mumbai (Bombay). The industry makes over 1,000 films a year that tend to focus on culture, family drama, or other dramatic sequences involving popular actors and actresses. Bollywood’s films are watched by over 14 million Indians everyday. Bollywood is BIG, BRIGHT, and, EXUBERANT. Plots from time to time are fantasy driven, story-lines are not as critical yet if you read between the lines a message is sent to the viewer.

This industry over the last few years has caught the attention of Hollywood, and for obvious reasons. The industry is growing, the viewership is diverse in language, and Hollywood has shown significant success in India. Many Hollywood actors who have smaller film companies that they own and operate do have deep ties with Indian investors. As Americas economy remains unstable, India shows unbelievable signs of growth.

This is just the tip of the iceberg, on my show I love talking about the Hollywood and Bollywood collaborations and how prevalent it is that these two industries will be working together heavily in the future. Crossover films are already in the experiment stages, some successful and most not, but finding what works is key.

The two film industries do have similarities by the style and story but couldn’t be more opposite overall. What American viewers may refer to as a “musical” is implemented in virtually every Bollywood movie. Unlike Hollywood where the Music and Film industries are significantly separated, in Bollywood they work hand in hand. Movie soundtracks sell, and are essentially made into “music videos” incorporated into the film, hard to imagine right? The blueprint is different, and the obstacles vary but at the end of the day it’s still a business, and the bottom line is what counts $$.

As you can see the topic can be discussed for hours, and throughout my segment I try to share with the listeners what this concept is all about, while at the same time learn so much about the history of Bollywood. It turns out to be a fantastic segment that reaches the past, the present, and the future.

You can always listen to the program online at www.shobajoshi.com

This segment would not be possible without my wonderful mother who has been in the radio business for well over 15 years. She is the greatest radio host I know, and she gave me the opportunity and encouragement to start this interesting segment. I am just a piece to the incredibly popular puzzle that is Geetanjali Radio. She broadcasts from 2PM-6PM every Saturday and Sunday on AM1320 KXYZ.

I hope many of you readers tune in on Sundays at 3:30PM and learn more about these two industries and how they are so similar yet so different.

It Happens Only In India – Sample Program (Audio)


2 thoughts on ““It Happens Only In India”

  1. Hi hiren. It happens only in India, fantastic ,awesome, and you have a lovely voice. God Bless, hopefully you will go nation wide. With lots of love your only Mama shoba

  2. Mr. Hiren
    Interesting read on [H]BOLLYWOOD – Can be a great parallel to Hollywood, since more and more actors and singers are visiting India for joint Ventures and some big Hollywood Film companies are working with Bollywood Film companies for future projects. Let us communicate more….Rakesh

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