The Lincoln Lawyer

Mick Haller: I checked the list of people I trust and your name ain’t on it.

Matthew McConaughey

Marisa Tomei

Ryan Phillippe

William H. Macy

Josh Lucas

The Lincoln Lawyer is a pleasant surprise this year at the movies. At a point where most people thought Matthew McConaughey would settle into his boring romantic roles as his career slowly became as predictable as ever, he pulls a complete 180 and makes you appreciate him on screen as the slick lawyer who gets the job done no matter what.

The role is a major comeback for him after making multiple sub-par films that really put him in a long line of boring actors that had “good looks.” The same can be said for example with Megan Fox, who created fame through Transformers but really couldn’t act any better than your average actor in training. That may be a little harsh, but lets face it fellas we didn’t find Megan Fox interesting because of her acting….

The beauty of Lincoln Lawyer is that it’s crafty. McConaughey is able to bring style and appeal to the role when it needs it most. It’s essentially a crash course that takes you behind the scenes of being an attorney. It’s not as simple as guilty, or not guilty, rather it’s how you land to that conclusion, and who helps you get there. Lincoln Lawyer casted the correct lead man for the job, but what really takes the movie to another level is the cast that joins McConaughey throughout the film. You have twists and turns, and if you are a court room junkie then you may see whats coming, but for the average viewer the film does a great job keeping you entertained from start to finish.

Matthew McConaughey plays Mick Haller a slick lawyer who works out of his Lincoln automobile. It’s his office on wheels, and it comes with his trusty driver “Earl” played by Laurence Mason. Haller has been tipped about a big case involving a hot shot rich kid from Beverley Hills who has been accused of multiple offenses such as rape, murder etc. Haller defends these “lowlifes” for a living and sees this case as his big payday moment. What he doesn’t realize is the case opens up a can of worms from Haller’s past. What makes the situation interesting is the fact that it’s not one case he’s focusing on anymore, it’s multiple cases that have him twisted in all directions. How does he get himself out of the situation and what does he realize? I think those two questions are answered very well throughout the film which consists of you the viewer seeing how the “justice” system plays out.

Marisa Tomei plays Maggie McPherson, Haller’s ex wife who ironically tries to put those “scumbags” I refereed to earlier in jail. You can imagine why these two are divorced, one works extremely hard to keep criminals off the streets, and the other uses his slick methods along with the “justice” system to keep those criminals on the streets. That complexity is what causes consistent friction between both characters. It’s a nice touch to go along with the fast paced story that involves the case itself. Both the characters interaction takes you out of the courtroom for a brief moment and into the real world of a struggling relationship binded by a daughter.

Most fans of Marisa Tomei may remember another court room masterpiece “My Cousin Vinny” in which she won an Oscar for.

Ryan Phillippe plays Louis Roulet the high-profile client Haller is representing. Roulet is extremely rich and works for his mothers real estate company. He finds himself in a terrible situation, with plenty of evidence that leads many to believe he’s the culprit of multiple crimes done to a woman he met at a club. Roulet hires Haller as his defense, and what ensues after that is pure movie gold. Phillippe plays this character brilliantly and really expresses how he feels with no remorse. He’s a rich cocky kid who thinks money, influence, and prominence can get him out of any bind.

William H. Macy plays Frank Levin, Haller’s lead investigator, and all around best friend. Frank has connections to various people that give Haller and him a head start in most cases they work on. Frank is the prime example of a perfect investigator, and is able to piece various bits of information and evidence chronologically. He’s Haller’s right hand man. I am a huge William H. Macy fan specifically his role in Fargo. He’s still making movies, and still brilliant on screen. As I mentioned earlier, a very solid cast around McConaughey.

Other actors include, Josh Lucas, John Leguizamo, Michael Pena, Bob Gunton, and Frances Fisher who plays Roulet’s mother. All have done a fantastic job in the limited time they received.

The Lincoln Lawyer is now out on DVD, and is definitely worth the rental. It’s a fast paced story that at the least will have your mind moving a mile a minute. Court room dramas in this day and age are hard to sell, but this movie has a great Los Angeles vibe to it, along with a fantastic soundtrack that accompnies many scenes.

I think director Brad Furman, and writers John Romano (Screenplay), Michael Connelly (Novel) really created a surprise hit at the movies this year.

My 1-10 scale = 8

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