Top 5 Entourage Episodes

The day has finally arrived! Entourage season 8 “The Final Season” will be on HBO tonight. Seeing as how the past 8 years have been a stellar journey for television I figured I would give my top 5 Entourage episodes ever. The final season consists of 8 episodes and hopefully when it’s all said and done, at least one of those 8 will crack my list.

Episode 31 Vegas Baby Vegas
Vegas baby vegas! I think every Entourage fan knew this episode had the potential of being one of the best in recent memory. When you go to Vegas you know some crazy things are bound to unfold. The boys are headed out to relax after Vince’s image has taken a bit of a hit. Vince is struggling but Turtle books him a “gig” in Vegas and the crew is ready to release the stress. Before heading out to Vegas they make a quick pit stop, literally picking up Ari off the street and into the Escalade for Vegas on a Wednesday. The episode revolves around all the characters so well. Ari is determined to not lose all his money while Vince is confident they will get it back. The table scenes with Ari and Vince are definitely “Gold” standard. Turtle books a pretty D grade appearance for Vince, and while E and Ari attempt damage control things take a turn. Drama is in his own world, getting a massage from the masseuse with the golden hands. Might I add that masseuse is a man…. hilarity ensues.

Episode 15 Sundance Kids
The Sundance Film Festival has arrived, and the boys invade Utah. This is classic Entourage with story lines swirling all over the place. Some fantastic cameos, and great acting by Billy Walsh aka Rhys Coiro. Yelling, backpedaling, and frustration make this episode one for the classics.

Episode 18 Bat Mitzvah
It’s Ari’s daughters Bat Mitzvah. Everyone remembers this episode for the classic scenes Turtle and Drama have with each other. That bond has drifted away in the newer episodes we have seen, but before Turtle “matured” him and Drama had some of the best scenes together on television. Ari is an animal once again in this episode. It’s a major milestone for his daughter but work never takes a backseat. As Terrence tries to pry Vince away from Ari, his insane mind does everything to keep Vince away from Terrence.

Episode 22 The Abyss
Ari in the flesh. A really significant period for Ari’s career and everyone associated with him. I don’t think we can ever have too much Ari on the screen. The entire Entourage is on pins and needles, great ending to season 2.

Episode 24 One Day In The Valley
I think I have seen this episode more times than any other on the list. Aquamans big release is all set, and the crew is looking forward to breaking box office records with James Cameron directing this huge action packed film. Unfortunately blackouts occur all across the area, and it turns out to be a blazing hot day. Drama being the “dramatic” man he is freaks out with the weather, and refers to the Valley as “The Sahara.” It’s classic Entourage with an infectiously happy ending. Good times!

Can’t wait for tonight’s episode, sad it’s the last season but it’s been a fun ride.

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