In The Mood For Comedy This Summer?

From all the trailers I have seen, 30 Minutes Or Less looks like a fun movie to check out. Jesse Eisenberg a gifted actor as we saw in The Social Network, pairs up with Parks and Recreation star Aziz Ansari for a comedy bank heist that is sure to create big laughs.

For those not familiar with Aziz Ansari this sure does seem like a big stepping stone for him. A talented stand up comedian, who has been featured in a few movies has a chance here to be a lead actor alongside the sarcastically funny Jesse Eisenberg who is on a great run in his own right. Throw in some Danny McBride and Nick Swardson style comedy, and you may just have a comedic explosion of uniqueness take over the silver screen.

The story revolves around Jesse Eisenberg who plays Nick a pizza delivery guy who is kidnapped by two criminals (McBride, Swardson) and has a bomb strapped to his chest. Nick has a limited amount of time to rob a bank, hence the title, and seeks help from his friend Chet played by Aziz Ansari. With time being a life or death issue, the journey is bound to take a wild ride.

30 Minutes Or Less opens August 12th, and certainly seems like a great way to kick back and relax this summer.

Check out the trailer:

Promotion has obviously begun, starting with a hilarious interview featuring Aziz Ansari on Leno.

Looking forward to this one guys.


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