The Adjustment Bureau

Matt Damon

Emily Blunt

Anthony Mackie

John Slattery

Terence Stamp

The Adjustment Bureau is an interesting take on a futuristic romance story. Do you believe a predetermined path has been created by a higher being? Is it capable of being altered?

The Adjustment Bureau attempts to shed some light on these topics, all while creating an action packed cat and mouse game between a talented politician who finds the love of his life, and the men of The Adjustment Bureau.

The Adjustment Bureau are simple a group of men who try to keep individuals on the path that’s been predetermined by who they call “The Chairman.” If you veer of that path, the Adjustment Bureau has the power to steer you back in your place, hence the word “adjustment.”

The film takes a twist when David Norris a politician with tons of potential, falls for a talented ballet dancer named Elise Sellas. Unfortuently in Davids predetermined path Elise is not part of the plan, yet David refuses to believe that Elise isn’t the one for him. The Adjustment Bureau tries to nudge David in the correct direction, by controlling certain aspects of his life. David being the persistent politician he is, just doesn’t seem to accept the fact that Elise is wrong for him. Obviously he becomes a huge thorn in the Bureau’s backside, and that’s when the adventure starts. How far will David go to prove to the Adjustment Bureau that Elise is the girl he wants to spend the rest of his life with, and how far will Elise go to accept that?

David Norris: All I have are the choices I make, and I choose her, come what may.

Matt Damon plays David Norris, a young politician whose filled with potential. Norris meets Elise a ballet dancer who he has an instant connection with. Upon meeting Elise, David has a change of heart in a powerful speech he’s about to give. He admits that politicians are not as connected as they should be to the people they represent. He mocks his political team for spending hours picking out what tie represents him best, and how shiny his shoes should be. All this occurs after he meets Elise, and out of pure luck he runs into Elise again on a routine bus ride to work. The bus meeting was never suppose to occur, but the Adjustment Bureau fails to stop the meeting, which causes a massive ripple effect.

Elise Sellas: You’re that guy running for Senate, aren’t you?
David Norris: I am that guy… yeah. Are you a registered New York voter?
Elise Sellas: Do I sound like I am?

Emily Blunt plays Elise Sellas a free spirited woman who changes Norris’ outlook on life. Elise is a talented dancer, who finds herself caught in between Norris, and the Adjustment Bureau. Norris is forced to leave her multiple times without any explanation, leaving Elise confused about David’s intentions. This is one of my favorite Emily Blunt roles, the chemistry between Blunt and Damon is fantastic. Through the ups and downs of the film, both actors maintain a love for one another that is convincing enough to correlate with the story.

Harry Mitchell: Being earlier is just as bad as being late

Anthony Mackie plays Harry Mitchell one of the Adjustment Bureau agents. Harry is the key to David’s success throughout this predetermined plan crisis that is occurring. Harry serves as a far more sympathetic agent, who understands that fate can be defied if a human being tries hard enough. Anthony Mackie has received quite a bit of attention since starring in The Hurt Locker, and once again proves he has a long career ahead of him.

Richardson: Very few humans have seen what you’ve seen today. And we’re determined to keep it that way. So, if you *ever* reveal our existence, we’ll erase your brain. The intervention team will be sent, your emotions, your memories, your entire personality, will be expunged. Your friends and family will think you’ve gone crazy. You, well, you won’t think anything…

John Slattery plays Richardson, the man in charge on the ground. Richardson is by the book, but quickly realizes that David’s adjustment process will be much harder than ones he and his bureau have handled in the past. Slattery is extremely witty and the whole situation plays out like a Abagnale Jr. vs Hanratty plot from Catch Me If You Can.

The Adjustment Bureau has its flaws, and at times veers of its own course, but for first time director George Nolfi the outcome is a positive one. A very nice romantic story, with a modern twist.

My 1-10 scale = 7

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One thought on “The Adjustment Bureau

  1. Excellent Analysis.. After seeing the Movie..”The Chairman” could be god and the actions are carried out by Angles..If so, we need to go deeper into ourselves….

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