Eddie Murphy named host of 84th Academy Awards

The Los Angeles times confirmed today that Eddie Murphy will be your host for the 84th Academy Awards which is all set to air February 26th, on ABC.

Eddie has struggled significantly over the past few years in the film industry, but his past success in undeniable. His various films have grossed seven billion dollars over the years, and classics like Coming to America, 48HRS, Trading Places, Bowfinger and Beverly Hills Cop have made Murphy a household star still after all these years.

The Academy has experimented with duel hosting honors over the past few years, some finding success, and others falling flat. Murphy will join other comedians who have hosted in the past such as Jon Stewart, Chris Rock, Billy Crystal, Steve Martin, and David Letterman. We all love comedy, and during a program that lasts for over three hours humor in between wouldn’t hurt.

Murphy was nominated back in 06 for his role in Dreamgirls, but since then has been relatively quite finding, minimal success at the box office. The popular Shrek series has continued to do incredibly well making Eddie better known as a fictional Donkey rather than as a comedic genius to a whole new generation of movie-goers.

This could be a big comeback for Eddie, as he teams up with Brett Ratner who will be producing the Oscars and releasing “Tower Heist” starring Murphy which is set to open in November.

Eddie Murphy has been given a great opportunity, let’s see how far he takes it.

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