Comedy In Fall Is Back!

Thank goodness! Fall television is officially back, wrapping up a much anticipated week from viewers cringing at re-runs and depressed with hearing about how bad the economy is.

I love when the major networks roll out new shows, and bring back the ones that we all know and love. It’s a very competitive time for television, and only the strongest survive. So before we see who gets cut from the team, let’s roll down the list of new and old. I don’t watch every single show, because quite frankly time is sparse but the DVR is my backbone. These are a few shows I ran through this week, some new some old.

I was extremely excited about the Big Bang Theory airing back to back episodes on Thursday night. One full hour of brilliantly written comedy…. yes please. What I love about this show is the dialogue and how it’s delivered. The dialogue is witty, fast, and sharp. You have four nerds and a “dumb blonde” who all defy the stereotype. This show not only brings the funny, but also packs a punch with every single line uttered by the cast. Hats off to Jim Parsons in particular for making his character Sheldon Cooper a worldwide sensation.

Wondering what I mean by witty? Check this scene out!

Another show that I think most of the country was looking forward to is Modern Family. The Emmmys or should I say the 2011 Modern Family Awards put the spotlight on this show, and it won a plethora of awards. Modern Family deserves all the recognition it’s receiving. It truly is well written, and it caters to such a large audience that can relate to situational comedy. We all have that weird uncle, aunt, nephew, cousin etc who creeps us out. Modern Family tells a story through the eyes of creators Steven Levitan, and Christopher Lloyd, who base real events from their lives, and make them into Emmy gold for the viewers at home. The authenticity of each story feels real, and that’s why people connect so well with Modern Family.


Sure Community isn’t for everyone, in fact I think it caters to a very young generation, but regardless sarcastic writing is tough and Community makes it look easy. The thing about Community is you have to be able to catch the references, if you don’t the comedic purpose fails to reach you. Community has stayed consistent with its theme, and has created a nice cult following. The viewership numbers don’t do justice to the show, but NBC has stuck by it and I think it’s thriving to its own beat.

Another comedy that has created quite the buzz over the last year is Parks and Recreation. If you enjoy The Office then you will love Parks and Rec. Amy Poehler, Aziz Ansari, and Nick Offerman round out a very talented cast that has you laughing at all types of awkward situations. Poehler sells her role brilliantly, and each character takes on a life of its own.

I know people that would KILL me if I didn’t add It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia! Absolutely hilarious, well written, and all out fun. FX tends to find some real gems, and all I can say is if you haven’t seen this show, you are missing out on the laughs.

Of course you also have How I Met Your Mother, Mike & Molly, and Two and a Half Men, but forgive me I don’t watch those shows. Maybe I should, but I need a convincing reason :-).

I also want to point out a few “newbies” that I caught last week and was pleasantly surprised by.

Look out for these three, I think they have a legitimate shot at sticking around. All have a nice comedic vibe to them, with funny enough actors to support the show. Up All Night has a dynamic trio which consists of Will Arnett, Christina Applegate, and Maya Rudolph. New Girl is absolutely carried by the talented Zooey Deschanel, and Whitney is the big breakout sitcom debut for the funny Whitney Cummings.

Well that’s fall comedy for you! As the weather finally starts to cool down, laughter will fill your prime time television spot.

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