Javier Bardem Confirms Role as Villain in Upcoming ‘Bond 23’

The Hollywood Reporter confirmed today that Javier Bardem will be the new villain in the upcoming James Bond flick.

“I’m very excited because my parents took me to watch the movies and I saw all of them. So to play that is going to be fun.”

He added, “They choose me to play these men that I cannot give you many details.”

Many of you know Bardem from his chilling role in No Country for Old Men directed by the brilliant Coen brothers. Bardem burst onto the movie scene as Anton Chigurh a menacing figure with a bowl cut that just seemed to strike fear in viewers eyes. Chigurh the character Bardem so brilliantly portrayed, had unconventional ways of defining who will live and who will die. Life came down to something as simple as a coin toss. The tension that built up was riveting throughout the film.

Bardem did win the Oscar for best supporting actor in 2008. The villain role has been set at an unbelievably high bar by Bardem after NCFOM, and now he will have a chance to play a much more “classy” villain from what I assume will be an interesting continuation to the Bond saga.

Let me leave you with some bone chilling “Chigurh’s” just in case you thought Bardem was the wrong man for this job.



2 thoughts on “Javier Bardem Confirms Role as Villain in Upcoming ‘Bond 23’

  1. That’s a great choice indeed, Bardem proved that he is a fantastic “villain” for sure. The only problem for me is that.. I don’t watch Bond movies any more.

    Honestly there ain’t never gonna be a better James Bond than Sean Connery. Roger Moore was excellent too, but definitely not as good as Sean though. All the other ones suck. And I tried to watch recent ones but I was disappointed every time so I just don’t watch Bond movies any longer.

    I might take a look at this one though. Just for Javier. Just to see if he’s gonna ask Bond to “call it”.

    1. Haha definitely agree with you on the classics being the best Oliver. I never really cared for the Pierce Brosnan ones, but if you haven’t seen Casino Royale that one is really really good. For a modern Bond movie I would suggest that for sure, Daniel Craig does well in it and the pace is fantastic.

      I can only imagine Javier asking Bond to “call it” lol should be interesting.

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