Comedies This Weekend!

Ready for the laughs?!

This weekend two much awaited comedies have been released, and both seem to be getting solid reviews from critics and people alike.

Tower Heist featuring a star studded cast is sure to bring people flocking for some laughs. The headline story for this release is Eddie Murphy’s big comeback on the big screen! Early in Eddie’s career he saw massive success in movies like Trading Places, Coming to America, The Nutty Professor, 48HRS, and my personal favorite Bowfinger. After these movies came and went, Eddie saw minimal success in anything that was not called SHREK! The new generation knows Eddie Murphy as the comical “Donkey” from the lucrative Shrek seires, but we all know that’s just 50% of what Eddie can really offer to movie lovers. Tower Heist has opened up to solid reviews, and critics around the world are saying that Eddie Murphy may have got his foot back in the door after an abysmal streak of flops. With a solid cast, and fun story, Tower Heist is sure to cause interest among Eddie Murphy fans across the world.

On a side note, Tower Heist is directed by Brett Ratner (Rush Hour 1,2,and 3) he will also be producing this years Oscar program, and guess whose hosting? If you guessed Eddie Murphy then you are catching on with this theme. Looks like Ratner may have just found his new Chris Tucker?

The other comedy opening up may have “stoners” rejoicing, as an early Christmas gift is being given a month early.

A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas will also be gracing the screen this weekend. The Harold and Kumar franchise has certainly formed a cult following, and surprisingly the new installment is also receiving solid reviews. Let’s be honest here, as long as the film makes you laugh what else matters? As Kal Penn put it “ya like the people are going to watch it for the plot.” Writer Jon Hurwitz has this whole stoner script writing thing down to a science. The movie has also mocked the “3D” fascination Hollywood seems to be having now days.You will see everything from ping pong balls, to fluids come flying at your face. It’s quite the mockery and at this point you know what you are getting yourself into when you go and watch Harold and Kumar navigate while being high.

Both comedies this weekend are hovering around the 70% mark on Rotten Tomatoes. For comedy fans I think that is something to be satisfied about, as comedies rarely get the respect they deserve.

Go out and have yourself a few laughs this weekend!


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