Teenage Paparazzo

Every now and then I like to take a break from the big screen, and focus my attention on some of the amazing documentaries HBO invests in, and Teenage Paparazzo is one of them.

Teenage Paparazzo takes a fascinating look into the world of paparazzi’s, specifically 14-year old paparazzo Austin Visschedyk. If you have ever seen TMZ or any other entertainment program, you know how vicious the paparazzi game can be. How far will a person go for a picture, and what does it all really mean?

Teenage Paparazzo is directed and written by Adrian Grenier. Many of you may know Adrian by his popular character name Vincent “Vinny” Chase from the hit series Entourage. The great thing about “TP” is the fact that it’s a story that has been presented by an actor (Grenier) who goes through the stream of paparazzi on a daily basis. You receive a sense of realism from the documentary because it’s clear Grenier has a passion for this specific topic, and combining that passion with a 14 year old whose equally as ambitious makes for a fantastic story through the lens of a teenage paparazzo.

The documentary is raw, and focuses on how quickly a celebrity goes from human to essentially a piece of meat that the paparazzi is just waiting to take a bite out of! It also explores why this process takes place; is it for the money, obsession, or just plain fame?

The other aspect of the documentary is as the title states. 14-year-old paparazzo Austin Visschedyk is thrown into this crazy world, with adults all around him. It’s a fascinating life for a 14 year old, but one that demands things you would never ask or expect from a child. At times you wonder why he’s allowed to do this, and how it may effect him negatively in the long-run.

Adrian Grenier’s unique ability in Entourage was to be the headliner without really being the headliner. “Vinny” Chase put friends and family before himself for 8 seasons on Entourage, and always came off as a really genuine actor. As you watch this documentary you once again get that sense of true passion from Grenier, and a fascinating look into the beast that is paparazzi.

Being a loyal Entourage fan, my Sundays are no longer the same! I can’t wait for the movie to come out, but in the meantime I got a chance to tweet Adrian about his future plans and received a pleasant surprise response from him!

So no worries Entourage fans, Adrian Grenier is still working hard, and this directing/writing/doc thing is defintely something to look out for from our favorite “Vinny” on television.

Make your next documentary Teenage Paparazzo!

One thought on “Teenage Paparazzo

  1. I have to agree with your review of “TP”. This is the second documentary by Grenier that I have seen (1st Shot in the Dark). I am very impressed with both. I’m also a huge fan of Entourage, but am also a fan of Grenier as a documentary filmmaker. Grenier seems to have a knack for making interesting films. Any film he is involved in making I am seeing and telling others about.

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