Samuel Dalembert Can Still Get It Done

Samuel Dalembert made it no secret today that he would love to be a Houston Rocket, when the upcoming 66 game season commences Dec. 25th.

“Houston, that one is the best,” said Dalembert. “I’m interested in the Rockets. They have a good team over there, a running team.”

When you think Sam Dalembert, you think old, slow and HE’S NOT A SUPERSTAR. I know Rockets fans are eager for a game changer type acquisition, but Dalembert will not hurt this team. Take this into consideration, over the past five seasons Samuel Dalembert has played at least 80 games. Yes Rockets fans, he has stayed healthy.

Over the years Dalembert has found consistency in blocks, and rebounds two areas where the Rockets could use help in. Even at 30 Dalembert can give you a solid 25 minutes per game, and hover around that eight point mark.

Dalembert is 30 years old, and clearly does not fit into the future plans the Rockets have. But for a team that plays with a 6’6 center, please take your best shot at convincing me how this signing would be bad? Chuck Hayes is a great guy, a free agent whose caught the attention of the NBA with his incredible work ethic. Sure it’s easy to sit back and say “but we can’t lose Chuck, he’s a fan favorite, a really hard worker!” None of that is wrong, but does attachment matter more than heading in the right direction? I would love to see Chuck Hayes in a Rockets uniform this year, but in no way do the Rockets need to make him a huge priority. This team needs size, and while Chuck brings the passion, he doesn’t bring the height. If Chuck gets an opportunity elsewhere, and leaves for money, I would wish nothing but the best for him and his career.We went through this love affair with Carl Landry, Shane Battier and many other hard workers in the past. You do what’s best for the team, and the future.

I’m not saying Samuel Dalembert is the missing piece, but I am saying he is an effective piece, that can only help the Rockets in a position that they sorely lack effectiveness in. Dalembert is not a “project” player, you know exactly what you will get.

The Rockets once again find themselves stuck in a crack. Do you rebuild and deal with the mess along the way, or do you pull the rabbit out the hat and try to win while rebuilding. According to Les Alexander that second scenario is possible….. I don’t think Morey concurs.

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