Say It Ain’t So K-Lo

If you’re a Rockets fan you know how amazing Kyle Lowry has been this year. The triple double concept has seen a lot of flirting lately, and that’s all courtesy of the man they call “K-Lo.” Lowry has put up incredible numbers so far this season, 15ppg, 6reb, and 10ast’s, and yes this guy is a towering 6 FEET TALL! No but really the numbers Lowry has put up are all star worthy, and among guards in the west this young man has clearly caught the attention of NBA fans.

The word “perfect” is hard to justify. As of a few hours ago the way Kyle Lowry played basketball for the Rockets was perfect. His heart, his rawness, the ability to do a little bit of everything on the court was exactly what separated him from the rest. I know you noticed the past tense vibe I am clearly throwing out right now, and you may be thinking “oh no Kyle Lowry got injured!” If it was only that simple….

According to Fox 26’s Mark Berman Kyle Lowry was charged with one count misdemeanor battery by the Clark County District Attorney’s office in Las Vegas, Nevada. Seriously who saw that coming? The article also states that IF convicted, Lowry faces up to six months in the Clark County Detention Center and/or a fine of not more than $1,000.

“We have confirmed a criminal complaint charging Kyle Lowry with one count of misdemeanor battery has been filed with the Las Vegas Justice Court,” said Tess Driver, DA’s office spokeswoman, in an interview with FOX 26 Sports.

So this is how the whole thing broke down apparently, and yes multiple witnesses seem to agree with the story.

The declaration of warrant/summons said, “At the end of the game, Lowry approached the victim and threw a basketball at her striking her in her torso. The victim picked up the basketball and tossed it back at Lowry. Lowry became upset and stated, ‘B****, meet me outside. I will kick you’re a**’.”

As a Rockets fan it’s really hard to imagine Kyle Lowry uttering those exact words. Kyle Lowry is a successful basketball player because of the heart, and work ethic he clearly has. Yes he’s a competitive player, and yes I could see him getting all up in someones face during a game, but a referee? It’s absolutely shocking to me, that Lowry would let his “emotions” get the best of him, mainly with a referee who so clearly demands a specific amount of respect. Unfortunately for Lowry two other referees confirmed the incident, and one even mentioned Lowry has an “anger” problem. Seriously Rockets fans, does this sound like the Lowry we all have fallen in love with?

The Rockets have faced injury issues for years, and it usually happens to the best players. That whole Tmac/Yao saga never panned out, but at least it was an injury. This is a misdemeanor, and one that holds lots of witnesses attached to it.

Now don’t get me wrong, people make mistakes…. but for a guy who has what seems like a fantastic career ahead of him this was dumb. From a Rockets fan point of view, the one thing you hope is he’s not convicted, and that if he isn’t it doesn’t effect his game. The worst thing for any sports team is a distraction, and this is a big one for a player who has opened up the season in brilliant fashion. I don’t condone what Lowry did, but I do wish him the best, and hope a really bad mistake is forgiven and settled.
I will leave you with Morey’s obvious but certainly concerned comment.
“We are aware that a complaint has been filed in Las Vegas against Kyle,” said Daryl Morey, Rockets general manager, in a statement issued by the club. “We will work to get clarity on the situation. As this is a legal matter, we will not comment further.”

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