LeBron James wins third NBA MVP

LeBron James became the eighth player in NBA history to win MVP honors for the third time in his career. For James it’s an impressive accomplishment, as he has turned into a villain for so many fans across the league.

While the LeBron haters continue to hold on to the “ring-less” jokes, James shows no signs of slowing down in his career. At 27 years of age LeBron is only now hitting his prime, and is doing it in scary fashion. While many anti LeBron fans were hoping for a Durant MVP celebration, they all forget to look at how well LeBron has played on both ends of the court. The mixture of size, speed, strength, and IQ has the three time MVP winner in his own league. A league that he has yet to seize on the biggest stage, but is bound to do sooner or later.

While thee MVP’s are impressive, and puts LeBron in an illustrious group, he hasn’t lost sight of the main goal at hand.

“We have a bigger goal. I want that championship. That’s all that matters to me,” James said.

When a player of LeBron’s caliber steps onto the court, objective NBA fans know what they are seeing. They know though this professional athlete has not won on the biggest stage in his sport, he is still the best overall NBA player by miles. The ring is necessary to embrace the career, in fact multiple rings are necessary, but not having one doesn’t negate the truth;  since day one, LeBron James has lived up to the hype. He’s steered clear of trouble, and has promoted positivity within the community.

The Decision and the ring debate have lost a large amount of relevance. It’s stale… it’s like that massive box of cereal you bought at Sam’s Club. Half of the box is done (a normal portion) but the other half is now boring to your taste buds. What do you do? Do you keep that box as a hoarder, or do you eventually move on and toss it in the trash? Guilty? “Oh but it expired!” Suddenly that pulls you off the hook, and you have a valid excuse to toss it.

Well that’s my valid excuse, and after LeBron wins a ring this year it really goes in the trash for good. Sorry… LeBron brings out the cockiness in me.

According to @tomhaberstroh who does an amazing job covering the Miami Heat, LeBron averaged 27.1 points, 7.9 rebounds, 6.2 assists, 1.9 steals, on 53% shooting. To put that in perspective, no one else has matched that stat line, with the exception of Michael Jordan, who did it only once in his career. Tom further states that Wilt Chamberlain and Moses Malone each won three MVPs before winning a championship, hinting if the progressive coincidence continues, LeBron is on deck for his own ring in the near future.

LeBron gets quite the label from “ratings hungry” personality Skip Bayless. Skip values his entertainment more than his objectiveness, and consistently throws LeBron under the bus because that’s what he’s been told to do. LeBron’s numbers do the talking in the playoffs. He has led his team in points, rebounds, and assists twenty times in his playoff career… that my friends is the most in NBA history.

At this pace LeBron could win a few more MVP’s before his career is done. But winning those trophies won’t mean much.

“I’d give all three (MVPs) back if I could win a championship,” James said.

If you hate LeBron I feel bad for you. I feel like as an NBA fan you’re missing out on greatness taking place. All the outside distractions are a just a mere blemish. As a fan what’s more important than the production on the court? The hairline is funny, the glasses are nerdy, and “The Decision” was a blast of ego mixed with bad execution by team LeBron, and ESPN executives.

What I will tell LeBron haters is this…. Hate him or love him, LeBron James deserved that MVP trophy this year. You don’t like him personally that’s your opinion, but the numbers don’t lie, and when it’s that impressive, it must be awarded.

I would love to see LeBron complete the year with a championship ring on his finger. The Miami Heat control their own destiny, and for the first time I hope to see LeBron grab it with a vengeance.

One thought on “LeBron James wins third NBA MVP

  1. Well I think that you make some good points in this post, and I agree with you that LeBron deserves to be the MVP this year, but I still do not agree with all what you said.

    First of all you make it sound that everyone who wanted Durant to be MVP this year was an anti LeBron… Well I am not a LeBron “hater” (or anyone hater for that matter) but Durant was still my 1st choice for MVP this year. Although as I said above I have no problem with the pick of LeBron, he definitely deserves it (just like Paul, you could not go wrong with Durant, James and Paul for MVP this year, no doubt about that) but I just think Durant would have deserved it “a bit” more.

    Why ? For a very simple reason : because MVP does not mean the most talented player of the league but the Most Valuable Player. Most valuable to his team so. Not the same thing at all.. And in order to get this trophy you need three things : first you need to play in a top team, second you need to be the best player of at the same time your team and the entire league and third you need to show how important (valuable) you are to your team. LeBron has those things (which is why I agree he deserves it), but so does Durant. And there’s an important thing for me that shows that Durant would have deserved it more, it’s that he is more valuable to his team.

    Let’s face it, without James the Heat would still be a top team in the league with Wade and Bosh while without Durant the Thunder would certainly not be. I certainly do not think that they would suck at the same time, I believe they still would be a playoffs team (although in the West it’s far from being certain.. they’d be a playoffs candidate at least) but they would have 0 chance to win a ring.. or even to make it to the second round. While the Heat could still make the NBA Finals. So Durant clearly is more valuable to his team than James is.

    Besides there is another point to take in consideration, it is that Durant has already shown that he is already a better leader than LeBron, this despite being way younger. Sure LeBron is more talented overall, he is the most talented player in the league, I agree with that (but not by miles as you said though, you clearly are exaggerating, players like Rose, Durant, Paul or Howard are right behind him) but talent is not everything. And even if James has both the stats and the team results to be MVP, he does not have the “attitude”. I will always have trouble to give this award to a second option. Which James exactly is.

    Yes cause even if I agree with you that all the hate that LeBron received because things like the decision and other “off the court” stuff is totally ludicrous (I could care less about all this) it’s still important to consider that James has flaws, which you seem to totally bypass because you love him too much.. Sorry for being honest but that reminds me to what I told Bigshot once, with LeBron you either have haters who only focus about his bad sides or lovers who only focus on his good sides. And… me who tries to be as objective as possible. You said that all of this will go to the trash when he wins this year… (you should have said “IF” and not when by the way.. Especially after this game 2 against Indiana). But I am sorry but no, in LeBron’s case it’s not a matter of ring. I said it many times anyway, teams win rings in the game of basketball, it is a collective game, no one will ever win alone. Rings are not the problem here. If the Heat won a ring last year there is no way I would consider LeBron as a top 10 players of all time the way he played..

    The problem here is that LeBron is no leader material. He is a Pippen, not a Jordan (which is very good nonetheless). He is a second option. And he has to accept it. Jordan was over criticized before he started to win a ring, and it all stopped once he started to win, that is true, but it was WAY different cause Jordan showed as soon as his first years in the league that he was a true leader. That he was not afraid to take the last shot, that he was not afraid to take his reponsibilities. He scared the mighty Celtics (when he was still only a second year player) ALL BY HIMSELF, and Larry Bird even called him God, he destroyed the franchise of Cleveland ALL BY HIMSELF thanks to The Shots Part I and Part II, he never ever gave up and the only reason why he didn’t win earlier was because he didn’t have the right teammates.. And when Pippen and Grant finally matured and that Jordan was finally surrouneded by the right teammates he finally won a ring. But we already knew who he was before that.

    Just like we know who James is. Yes he is the most talented player in the league but he is not a leader, he is no clutch, he is not cold blooded… We saw that once again the whole year just like we saw that once again in the game 2 against Indiana. Funny cause when LeBron went to the free throw line I said to myself : “I am sure he is gonna miss them both..” No lie. He is not a leader. That is a fact now. Not only that but he even quit on his teams many times, something that Jordan would have never done… A ring will not change anything. Pippen has six rings too. But no one consider him as the best player or even a top 10 players of all time.. Yet Pippen was as talented, and actually maybe even MORE talented than Jordan (yes he was a better shooter, defender (very close though), passer, rebounder than Mike.. way more versatile, Mike was only better at scoring). So why most people think that Jordan is the best player ever and that Pip is not even a top 10 players ? Simple : Pippen was just not clutch, not leader material, while Jordan was a true leader and is one of the most clutch players ever (the only one I could put over him is Larry Bird).

    So rings will not change the fact that LeBron simply is not a leader. And that despite his huge talent it will always be impossible to compare to the Jordans, Magics, Birds, Ervings, etc… Cause he just is not in the same category. LeBron can become the best lieutenant ever (along with Pippen and Robinson) but no more than that. And in order to win a ring he’s gonna have to accept that role now. And to let Wade be the first option. Just like KG accepted that Pierce was the first option in Boston (despite the fact that Garnett is definitely more talented than PP).

    And that’s another reason why Durant would have deserved even more than LeBron to be MVP this year in my opinion, because, even if Kevin still has a lot to prove as a leader as well, at least he has shown that he was clutch, and was never afraid to take the last shot. He never shirked his responsibilities at least. And let’s not forget too that his team won one more game despite the fact that the Heat are overall more talented as well.

    So congratulations to LeBron James, again he deserves this award (I am not denying that) but yes, I definitely think that Durant would have deserved it more.

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