‘Django Unchained’ trailer releases

Quentin Tarantino fans can now rejoice! The new teaser trailer for “QT’s” Django Unchained was released today, and it promises not to disappoint.

Django Unchained features some familiar names you would expect in a “QT” movie. Christoph Waltz who won the Oscar for best supporting actor as the vicious Colonel Hans Landa in Tarintino’s last hit Inglourious Basterds, is back again in a big way. Oscar buzz for him could be a strong possibility as he plays “Dr. King Schultz.”

It really feels like no QT film is complete, without Samuel L. Jackson gracing the screen. Sam plays “Stephen” in Django Unchained, and what an impressive actor/director duo those two individuals have made.

Jamie Foxx plays “Django” which was originally rumored to be Will Smith’s role. Foxx looks like he has really captured the role in the trailer, and possibly will have a busy award season in his future.

So I know what your thinking, I know you want to know if Leonardo DiCaprio is in this movie. Honestly what big movie is Leo not in this year? The hardest working actor in the business, plays “Calvin Candie” and it promises to be a quirky role that only Tarantino could ask for. DiCaprio is setting himself up for a fantastic year in film. He is wrapping up the highly anticipated “Great Gatsby,” which coincidentally is releasing Christmas day, the same day Django Unchained is set to release. DiCaprio is not only Oscar bound, but he will be competing with himself in the two biggest films on Christmas!

Tarantino rarely disappoints, and after watching the trailer, it’s typical QT magic. Check out the trailer below!

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