NBA TV’s “The Dream Team,” debuts to praise

Basketball fans rejoiced tonight, as the much anticipated NBA TV’s “The Dream Team,” premiered. The documentary had been promoted heavily over the last month, and many would agree it did not disappoint.

Dream Team enthusiasts have closely researched the adventure of these 12 human beings, but the documentary pours out a slew of unseen footage that would make any basketball fan downright giddy.

The documentary focuses on how these 12 dynamic personalities came together for the love of the game. Magic Johnson, Charles Barkley, Chris Mullin, John Stockton, Karl Malone, Clyde Drexler, Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen, Larry Bird, Patrick Ewing, David Robinson, and the young child tagging along Christian Laettner. How on earth would all these mixed personalities not criticize one another over every miniscule detail? How would each not point out the flaws in one another?

As the documentary revolves around this often asked premise, you quickly start to see that the players let their games do the talking. The scrimmages are brutal, the competition is tense, and every single player on the Dream Team roster has something to prove. Each time a player proved they wanted it more, the respect and trust grew.

Well that and a really amazing coaching staff headed by the one and only Chuck Daly. Daly used crafty tactics to keep this bunch focused, and as we all know now, it couldn’t have been handled any better.

The documentary shows the evolution of passing the torch from one player to another. In this instance none stronger than Magic Johnson handing the torch over to Michael Jordan. A scrimmage proved that “MJ” was ready to take the league, and country by storm. It’s a fascinating encounter between two of the most competitive NBA players to ever play the game.

“He’s the young puppy I’m the big dog here!” – Magic Johnson

Charles Barkley is a scene stealer! The most quotable member of the Dream Team doesn’t hold back.

“I got a white guy from Indiana & a brotha from Jamaica.” – Barkley on Bird & Ewing’s friendship

“His hair was beautiful, his suits were immaculate.” – Barkley on the incredible Chuck Daly

“I don’t know anything about Angola… but Angola is in trouble.” – Charles Barkley

That’s just a taste of the outspoken and honest Barkley. Between “MJ,” and Barkley they caused quite the ruckus in Barcelona. The same thing could not be said about John Stockton who walked the streets as if he was a tourist.

The “Dream Team,” as you would imagine not only captured the imaginations of fans, but ironically of their opponents as well. At times, opponents would stop focusing on how to beat the “Dream Team,” and instead figured out how they would get pictures and autographs before the team vacated the court!

NBA TV’s “The Dream Team,” gives the NBA viewer a backstage pass into a dream. A dream that became a reality in 1992, and changed the way basketball was viewed across the country, and the world. The “Dream Team,” beat opponents by nearly 44 points per game, defining the word dream, in a realistic world.


One thought on “NBA TV’s “The Dream Team,” debuts to praise

  1. Dream of a blog on the DREAM TEAM…Surely after the Barcelona trip, Basketball as a sport must have become more popular in all parts of the world…Hats off & Kudos to such brilliant sportsmen for creating such a fantastic legacy

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