“This Is 40” gets a new trailer

Judd Apatow the genus behind “Bridesmaids,” and “The 40 Year Old Virgin” now brings you “This Is 40” a sort-of-sequel to “Knocked Up.”

The film spotlights the return of Pete (Paul Rudd) and Debbie (Leslie Mann) as they experience the monotony of marriage along with two kids.

Mann who is Apatow’s real-life wife is joined by his real-life daughters Maude and Iris Apatow. Judging from the trailer, chemistry certainly wasn’t an issue. Rudd who is the only non blood related member of the primary cast blends in perfectly. Apatow has built a strong team for modern day comedies, and “This Is 40” will likely continue his string of success in the genre.

The trailer also has a cameo from Megan Fox which obviously is getting more attention than the movie itself. Fox who has capitalized on her looks rather than her acting abilities, continues that trend as you will notice below.

Albert Brooks is seen as Rudd’s dependent father, who even goes as far as saying “your mother wanted you aborted” after Rudd tells him he can’t keep lending him money.

The overall idea of the film is to fix the loose ends that this family has been ignoring for years.

Chris O’Dowd and Jason Segal also make appearances strengthening this already talented comedic cast. No indications of Seth Rogen and Katherine Heigl making a surprise return, but it’s tough to imagine a small cameo isn’t in the works for the odd couple.

“This Is 40” hits theaters on the 21st of December, as Apatow and company hope for a big Christmas opening. Check out the trailer below!

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