Which Super Bowl commercials won the night?


Airing a 30-second commercial in this years Super Bowl cost just around $4 million, so getting it wrong wasn’t an option.

The Super Bowl reached historical standards by drawing a 48.1 overnight rating. That means 48.1% of households in the 56 urban markets that are measured, topped all-time highs.

Apparently some companies didn’t get that memo, as commercials hardly created an imprint for viewers. The online world was buzzing over other things such as the power-outage at the Superdome, and figuring out if Beyonce’s rousing halftime show (The Beyonce Bowl) broke the circuit box. After all that was straightened out the game officially turned competitive, as the 49ers tacked on 17 third-quarter points.

The most unique and successful marketing campaign on Super Bowl night happened via Twitter. It didn’t cost $4 million, but instead proved how far simplistic creativity can go. @Oreo took full advantage of the power-outage by tweeting a picture captioned “YOU CAN STILL DUNK IN THE DARK.” It was a brilliant, and prompt move that went viral. It now has over 15K retweets, and has been “favorited” over  5,000 times.

It’s nearly impossible to create a list of the best commercials and have everyone agree on it, but according to the USA Today Super Bowl Ad Meter, which started in 1989, a list has been created and confirmed. The survey uses a live response on a zero-to-ten scale (zero being the worst, ten the best) to determine ad likeability.

The 10 most popular commercials are:

Anheuser-Busch – (Budweiser Brotherhood) Score: 7.76

Tide – (Miracle Stain) Score: 7.75

RAM – (Farmer) Score: 7.43

Doritos – (Fashonista Daddy) Score: 7.27

Jeep – (Whole Again) Score: 7.20

KIA – (Space Babies) Score: 6.74

Doritos – (Goat 4 Sale) Score: 6.71

NFL – (Leon Sandcastle) Score: 6.68

HYUNDAI – (Team Hit) Score: 6.65

Audi – (Prom) Score: 6.64

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