Oscars 2014, Who Will Win Best Picture?


The Academy Awards will be presented, on Sunday, March 2, with the Best Picture category proving to be a competitive finish.

It’s unclear if early-favorite “12 Years a Slave” will take the statue home for Best Picture, or if the blockbuster hit “Gravity” will levitate its way into the winners circle. “American Hustle” is not far from the pact, with a brilliant cast propelling a fun old-school plot.

It is a versatile group to choose from. You can watch the Oscars Sunday March, 2, 2014 7ET, hosted by Ellen DeGeneres.

The full list of Best Picture nominees; who do you think will win?

“American Hustle” 

“I like the turmoil. I like the spontaneity. I like the very creative chaos that is generated on all of David’s sets,” he said. – Christian Bale

“Captain Phillips”

“At the heart of this film is Tom Hanks coming face-to-face with a captain from another side of the world, and that trial of strength is really what the film’s all about,” said Greengrass.

“Dallas Buyers Club”

“I think it’s great,” Leto told CBSNews.com’s Lauren Moraski about the critical acclaim surrounding “Dallas Buyers Club.” “I’ve been part of a lot of films that haven’t turned out as well as you [would have] hoped. You go in with good intentions. But when you make small independent films most of the time, they break your heart. So when they do survive, it’s a wonderful thing to celebrate — a film, a performance, a director.”


“So, we had to develop the technology,” he said. “I think that technology and how we put it together is interesting, but I think, with all this technology, what really makes this film is Sandra’s performance.”

Bullock told “CBS This Morning” that she was not only “shocked” that the story of an astronaut stranded in outer space after a catastrophic event was written for a woman, but by how it was written as well.

“Usually, it gets very soft and … girly. I love a girly moment, but it didn’t have a place in this, nor did they put it in there.”

Cuaron said that she was adamant that the character not have a “hint of damsel in distress.”


“I’ve been in both sides of that conversation,” he says. “I’ve done the thing where I stop being communicative, and I’ve been on the other side where the other person isn’t communicating, and I become frustrated.” – Spike Jonze


Dern’s co-star, veteran actress Juen Squibb, steals her scenes as his tart-tongued wife who, she says, has no filter: “Absolutely whatever she thinks comes out of her mouth.”


“The two of them had been looking for each other for years, without each other knowing,” he said.

Coogan’s character, Martin Sixsmith, joins Dench on a journey to find Philomena’s long-lost child. “In some ways, it’s a road movie — a buddy movie, an odd couple,” he said.

“There’s a lot of humor, a lot of comedy in the film, which I think people don’t expect.”

“12 Years a Slave” 

McQueen told “CBS This Morning,” with regards to the film’s violence, “There’s not cutting corners here. . . . It’s necessary. It’s a huge part of history and a part of history that needs to be visualized, needs to be told.”

McQueen could be the first black director to win the Best Director Oscar.

“The Wolf of Wall Street” 

Why so obsessed? “Because the world that we live in seems to be very surreal sometimes,” DiCaprio told “Sunday Morning” correspondent Lee Cowan. “The incessant need for more is a part of our culture, and I see it all around me. And you know, doing this movie we wanted to put that darker nature of humanity up on screen.”

Quotes courtesy of CBS News http://www.cbsnews.com/news/oscars-2014-take-our-best-picture-poll/


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